by Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

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Kai Ingo Selck
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Kai Ingo Selck shit. can't stop listening to this song. it's in my ear. you should listen to the end. last 3 minutes AMAZING Favorite track: Fidget.
Hayden Karnitz
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Hayden Karnitz probably the 2nd best track ever titled fidget idk Favorite track: Fidget.
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released November 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Early Mortuary Behavior
I don't wanna go into the dark
if you don't think that it's worth it.
And I won't come in itching for a fight--
but if one comes up, I'll take it.
I will use my head as a weapon,
and I don't mean with my thinking.
Broken teeth and mild concussions
are the dish that I've been slinging.

And it's just that time,
though it's not my scene.
I'm the kind of shy that keeps
talking on, on nothing,
just to fill in the awkward gaps.

Hear out my brand new dissertation.
It's a topic that's fascinating:
Early Mortuary Behavior
is a topic that's ripe for debating.

"It is with a 'u'?
It is 'i-o-r'?"
"Don't you be so crude,
or I'll settle the score.
If it's all the same,
then I will take this conflict straight to violence.
We're not gonna work it out."

And it's almost through.
Someone's point is made.
Putting hands in wounds
is the western way.
And if that's okay,
then I say that it ain't over till we're sober.
Get up, the bell's about to ring.
Track Name: Efficiency Blues
Running through the crowded lanes.
No one acts as if they're dying.
They're abiding.

Come in early, go home late.
It's a myriad of problems.
Think you can solve them.

Moving faster every day.
But the solutions you offer
they're just causing a faster fall.
Track Name: Feldspar
She is seen
looking for the in betweens
and trying to get out.

Say hello.
Drinking beer and talking low
and trying to feel it out.

And I can see the sound
coming from the other room.
I try to block it out.

Feldspar dreams.
Drilling horizontally,
but trying to to get down
to the core,
past the layers we employ
to keep each other out.

And I can see the sound
coming from the other room.
I try to block it out.

It's clear to see
nothing's really part of me.
So why do I feel bound?
Track Name: Blood Vinyl
Please knock it off.
I know it's not the first time.
But sunburn still affects
even in the winter.
It's a simple thing,
although I can't remember

that I choose to believe
that it was made for me, and is mine by right.
I concede that subtlety is nearly impossible.
We just don't live in that time.

Don't sell my shoes until you know
I don't need them anymore.
Well, who are you to pass it up
even as I pace the floor?
It's all the same
if you look at it that way.
It's just different things
with similar blame.

And I chose to believe
that it was made for free, and is mine by right.
I can see that neutral planes are clearly impossible.
I try to conceal
all the pain that's real and everywhere.

I didn't make it.
I partake in it
like waves brought to the shore.
Track Name: Fidget
Darkening lights take us deeper into movies,
where everybody acts intensely
whether fighting, fucking, shooting walking.

I'm fidgeting next to strangers to the left,
and trying not to be distressed
by everything that is surrounding me.

And I know it's not right.
And my chest was feeling tight.
When the credits rolled outside it was still light.

Pulsing veins pushing chemicals into my brain
to keep me glancing over
at every sound in my apartment. I move

recklessly past the surface of most everything
to conclusions never ending,
overlapping circuitously.

And I know that I'm tired,
but I'm constantly so wired.
And to an extent it's what I desire.
It could be there's another way--
yes, you are right.
It could always end okay,
but that's not in my sight.