Incredible Mileage

by Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

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released February 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Governor Evidence
Watch me down the way.
You say that you’re moving on to greener pastures.
Excuse me as I stifle in my laughter.
I calculate your chances as exactly nil.

Look at me and say
that if it isn’t normal, then it’s fleeting.
But meanwhile, the powerful men meet
and try to turn their golf games into revenues.

And it’s not funny
when they try to take their awkward points of view.
Grab their money.
To the races. Six-to-one on number two.
And I don’t think they intend to lose.

Walk the other way.
And if you aren’t vocal, you’re complicit.
But let me make it even more explicit:
you cannot justify an action you refuse.

Cautionary takes.
Say it’s an impressionistic vision
that fails to articulate decision.
But meanwhile you keep your sneakers bright and new.

And it’s not funny
When they try to take their awful points of view
Run the money
To the races. Place a bet I'm sure to lose.

And I don’t wanna take
these actions if I don’t have to.
And I don’t wanna pay
these taxes on my attitude.
Track Name: Sidebar Blues
Met your father.
He said, “Daughter,
who’s this motherfucker that you brought back home?
He’s shy on class.
Will the feeling pass?
I can’t tolerate him no more.”

She said, “Daddy, dear,
I love him.
Why you always hassling me when I’m home?
I’m gone so long,
Then you bring me on
Down this unproductive road.”

“There are patients
(Patient)-ly awaiting.
Must we have this out here right now in the hall?
The truth be told,
I can’t help but scold
All the virtues you adore.”

"And I’ll see you in my nightmares
But I’ll feel you in my dreams
And I might live a thousand years
Before I know what that means." (Neil Young, "Barstool Blues")

Said your mother,
“Hey, now, daughter,
How much longer do you think this could go on?
‘Cause life is long
when the feeling’s strong.
But it’s shorter when it’s done.”
Track Name: Cenote
I woke up from a bad dream.
What it was, I don’t know.
Tried to reach out, but I couldn’t scream
and you offered an arm.
My memory rapidly fading.
A cenote of sorts.
A feeling I couldn’t assuage and
then a vision would form.

I could feel them dead to rights
in a silence so complete,
but still indescribably vague.

Got out of bed, put my clothes on.
Though you stirred, you didn’t wake up.
Walked out the room, turned the lights on.
Pen to pad, my face in my palm.
The moon was either waxing or waning.
Can’t remember it all.
My eyelids were heavily weighted.
Soon I fell back in the dark.

I could feel them dead to rights
in a silence so complete,
but still indescribably vague.
Track Name: Pain Law
Track Name: Consultancy
Stepping on the plane.
“Sorry for the wait,” but it’s okay.
There isn’t any obvious mistake.
It’s ordinary.

Staring out the wing
At the ground below.
What can we say?
At 30,000 feet, the roads, a maze.
I try to find a way out.
Face the ground.
Clovers and rounds.
Fields and plows.

Traffic patterns change.
Infrastructure wanes and we complain.
But could it happen any other way?

Try to catch a break.
Shifting in the lanes to no escape.
Looking at the map as though to say:
“I’ve gotta find a way out.”

Race around.
Running aground.
Twist and shout.

Silence fills the space.
Blocking an escape, and on your face:
exasperated eyes.
“I just can’t take this running around.”

Now we've landed safe—
As if there was any other way.
What was once relief has turned mundane.
I've gotta find a way out.

Face the crowd
Running around
Catch the doubt

Tried to find a way out.
I couldn't keep my head above the crowd.
Said we were some days out.
I never thought I’d come back to this house.
I tried to find a way out.
I waited for your contact to come through.
And I could never take it or lose.
Track Name: Amaranth4
Take me to the overview.
I want to see the vista in the day.
Flora, fauna. In the sauna.
Everyone is due to be released today.

And I can say that they’re to blame,
for they behaved exceptionally—
and don’t you think
that everyone deserves a chance

to break into another truth?
We always want to be as we percieve.
Turnabouts in furnished houses.
Affectation’s barely a repreive.

it’s a neverending screen
to keep unseen.
And you will be permanently
yoked to jokes that finally choke you out.

(In their way, in due time)
(I can’t seem to decide)

Everyone says that they want to be clear.
Never express what they really hold dear.
Try to inspect, but it’s held in arrears.
They can’t remember what it was.

Everyone says that they wanna be real.
Watch what they do, and you’ll know how they feel.
I’m trying to love what they told me to fear.
And I can’t seem to make it in the end.
Track Name: DTCC
Like I said,
things were so much different then.
I guess
we were in our lighter years

And no, I never thought it would last this long
Getting better, never quite catching on.

And I know
humor masked as well as it exposed.
But how else could we face the fears

of neverending, ever extending years?
There to cherish should it all end right here.

And it goes.
But we were never really on our own.
So hide the truth and save the tears.

I know I never thought it would last this long.
Not forever, not any time at all.
Did you notice, did you see everyone?
We were better than we expected,
if not always on.

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